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In my Public Relations Corporate class we were challenged to try our hand at social networking. This includes LinkedIn, PRopenmic, and Twitter. I had never even heard of any of these sites, but was excited to try something new. I am hoping that by using these sites I can make some good connections and get a chance to converse with new people. I have always heard that when entering the career force its who you know that counts and the Internet (especially social networks) makes it so much easier to meet the “who” you need to get that perfect job.

The first website I signed up for was Twitter. Twitter is a social networking tool where people can exchange thoughts and ideas. You can update your status with 140 characters, just enough to get a central idea out there. Nothing is more annoying than someone who blabs on and on. I found that most tweeters mix their personal posts with business/ professional posts. It is nice to see the softer side of professional folks. For me personally I found Twitter useful for looking at what public relations practioners posted about their every day lives. Twitter is also helpful if you need to find out about a company or you have comments for them. Comcast Cable is a good example. Frank from ComcastCares replies to almost every one that leaves him a comment and has over 14,000 posts. Twitter is an amazing way to show your customers that you care and want to hear their praise and complaints.

Twitter has been interesting to try out. I am not sure if I will continue you with it in the future, but it might be a great tool to use after I graduate and join the real world.

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I am new to word press and looking forward to my first blogging experience. Cheak back soon to see more or visit my other pages.

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