5 Things I Never Knew About the Eagle Print Shop

The Eagle Print Shop is located on the Georgia Southern University campus. We toke a tour today and learned a lot about its process and operations. This information will come in handy when it is time to print our newsletters and in later life.

1. When Submitting work to be printed at the Eagle Print Shop make sure you have everything in a special folder on your jump drive. This makes it easy for the staff to find your work and reduces the chance of a mix up.

2. When pritning a newsletter it should be on 80 pound glossy text paper and in booklet form front and back.

3. There are two types of color processes when dealing with printing: RGB and CMYK. RGB is found on websites and computers and CMYK is used when printing items. For more info check out at printernational.org.

4. The print shop uses acid free, recyclable paper.

5. In the future it is important to have a good relationship with your printer. Find out what format they want your material in.


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