PR Trade Books

Slide One Notes

This book is all about reaching the public directly. In this new age of internet socializing pr professionals don’t have to solely rely on the media.

Scott says

  “Prior to the web, organizations had only two significant choices to attract attention: Buy expensive advertising or get third-party ink   from the media. But the web has changed the rules. The web is not TV. Organizations that understand the New Rules…develop   relationships directly with consumers like you and me.”

Slide Two Notes

First job was a clerk at wall street bond trading desks, worked electronic information division at knight-ridder (newspaper and internet publishing)

own business to refine my ideas, work with select clients, and teach others through writing, speaking at conferences, and conducting seminars for corporate groups. The subject of all this work: Reaching your buyers directly and driving more revenue.

Slide Three Notes

Marketing and pr are interrelated

On the web, the lines between marketing and pr have blurred.

 Slide Four Notes

The web is a city

•Craigslist is the bulletin board at the entrance of the corner store

•Ebay a garage store

•Amazon a book store

•Wrong side of the tracks- adult entertainment

Three uses of BLOGS

1.Monitor what millions of people are saying about your company 2.Participate in those conversations 3.To chape those conversations by creating and writing your own blog

-Helps understand their corporate reputation

-Analyze trends: greater and fewer blog mentions compared to competitors, last month, or after a major event

News Releases

Create online media room (list of news releases)

New Rules

•Send them all the time not just when big news happens •Appeal directly to buyers •Put links in online releases to lead costumers to specific web pages •Add tags

-Use a distribution service

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

-use words and phrases your buyers uses


Can reach niche audiences

RSS Feeds

iTunes and ipods (listen while traveling)

Politicians and churches

How-to podcasts series

Content-rich website

Answer questions and solve problems before the costumer has to ask

Write for your audience use examples and stories

Tell your organizations story

Slide Five Notes

International bloging- not just an American phenomenon

40 different countries

Favorite international blog- taxi driver in Sydney Australia now a media personality

 Slide Seven Notes


•Real world examples •Very conversational •Everything you ever want to know about social media •How to create an action plan •Great tips on how to start your own professional blog, and what to talk about


•A lot about Marketing 


Real world examples
Very conversational
Everything you ever want to know about social media
How to create an action plan
Great tips on how to start your own professional blog, and what to talk about


A lot about Marketing



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