PepsiCo’s Public Relations Model and Intended Audience

Photo From Brookhaven Advisors

Photo From Brookhaven Advisors

According to Grunig and Hunt most companies public relations departments use one of four academic models when communicating to their audience. These models include: Press agent/ publicity model, public information model, the two-way asymmetricmodel, and the two-way symmetric model. Although all models can be used in certain situations, two-way symmetric is viewed as being the most efficient and beneficial to both the company and the public. 

In PepsiCo’s case they employ the two-way symmetric model. The company uses research and campaigns to discover and satisfy consumer needs. It shows through their continually updated ad campaigns that they try to keep up with the publics tastes and trends. Recently Pepsi-cola has engaged in social media which shows they are trying to be more accessible to customers with questions or concerns.

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Who is PepsiCo Trying to Reach?

With an annual revenue of over $39 billion PepsiCo reaches into millions of people’s pockets every year. Their most important audience is the consumer. In order to run a successful company you must have people who need and want your product. PepsiCo has no problem achieving this. They have a diverse and loyal base of costumers and being one of the largest providers of snack foods and beverages it is hard to find an individual who doesn’t buy at least one of their brands. Although PepsiCo is focused on selling their product, another one of their concerns is how they can benefit individual communities, so they donate millions of dollars to charities and disaster relief funds every year. Quality products and services means many investors and a huge concern of PepsiCo is to keep their stock holders happy. They have found that satisfying the needs of their customers, communities, and investors benefits all involved.